Success is a question of style

The image of a business is not alone formed by the appearance from the concern web page, business papers’ design or location factors. With the personal appearance as well as the understanding of one’s role follows a forming influence through every single employee: Through co- operation inwards, – outwards in contact with customers, service and even competitors.

Rhetorical adequacy

The teamwork of appearance, posture, clothing and manners is an important, but far too often underestimated signal. That is where the opportunity of communicative potential is often missed. The important thing here is that professionalism is not only based upon pure specialized competence. Just as essential is the ability to communicate supreme ease as well as credibility.

Who is my job?

Therefore, corporate styling sensitizes by broader means of stylecoaching in two directions:

In one way, it imparts an increased awareness and a good eye for one’s own look and visual power. Learning about some of these basic rules, even dressing for business grants a big amount of scope for an individual character.

In the other, the complete personal image is referred to the professional surroundings. Which part do I want to personify in relation to my area of work? Which positive deliberate signals do I set free and what will I be able to achieve through my way of styling, my posture, my voice...? If this mode of expression is intentionally made use of, persuasive power, freshness and dynamics are added automatically– and hereby all- decisive invisible factors of success.

Cultural business is a matter of style

As an instrument of employee motivation, corporate styling excellently meets business targets. Corporate styling offers an individual possibility to develop one’s personality in relation to business, or workshop stylecoachings. Corporate styling is aiming to sight a sharpened awareness on the personal identification with the specific business, identifying one’s own performance aim as well as management goals. At this point, stylecoaching often reveals surprising, unusual ways of perspective.
Nothing represents a business more convincingly than the natural, positive individuality of its own employees: Authentic, but with a feel for the person opposite –appropriate, but not adapted.

Corporate styling can be booked as an individual coaching, as a workshop or seminar for a smaller group or as a talk arrangement. The length and the extent of each mode will be individually settled and coordinated.