Am I checked?

Maybe you are classical and do not even know it. Or more to flower power than your suit shows by the first impression. A styleguide challenges you to look at yourself with complete new eyes.

A styleguide works both ways: vertically, plumbing the depths of your individual heart of style. Horizontally, stimulating you to form this heart of style and playfully enrich it with other styling elements. Part of this we are going to try out during the session, while talking about basic styling rules as well as accessories and your creative power.

Learning about style without dogmas

A “heart of style” means more than just a mere colour- type and a selection of advantageous cuts. A heart of style is independent of age, sex or figure. It is rather in accordance with your own personality and radiance.

Your heart of style represents your individual esthetical piece of basic pattern. Recognize it, and you will be freed of restricting rules. You will develop a sure sense of what suits you – and of the different ways to experiment.


Analyzing your dressing habits and styling patterns is our starting point for discovering your heart of style. Your stylecoach reads your wardrobe and settles the question: Where are your preferences and what are you unsure of? You always wanted to...? You have never...? The amazement of all styling costumers, when they discover their own styling potential, when the clients learn to keep on creating their personal style, is the best part of a styleguide.

A styleguide takes live about two hours + coaching preparation and evaluation. It is possible to do the session in the surroundings of the client or the stylecoach.