Freestyle with basic intuition

If you should explain your own reflection in one word, what would it be?

Mind this: At the time, when you are confronted with your own thoughts about what to wear for your next job apply - or a rendez- vous-, it gets clear that your own appearance always makes a statement – the way we dress is not a coincidence. Not only do we orientate to the current time of living: What is appropriate for my age, for the office, what looks sexy or what is simply fashionable, but a look is always an expression as well – a stronger or more subtle awareness of our own self- esteem. When our clothes are representing us authentically and we feel comfortable in them, we signalize high regards of ourselves. When we dress with attention, other people’s focus returns as a positive message.

Experimental laboratory

Such a catching harmony between appearance and inner mood is not reached right away. Surely you recognize your own inner reluctant monologue in front of the mirror or this irritating feeling of being disguised? Stylecoaching meets you in a safe environment where all your questions and possible insecurity (- who am I and how do I look? ) will be changed into experimental joy and a mind of discovery.

Breaking up

Man or woman, shirt or skirt: Aim is to discover your own distinctive styling – put together as a mix of what you prefer, what fits and what correspond optically to you. You are not a “type”, but a living, fascinating, contradictory “self”.

Stylecoaching makes you focus on your own power of charisma. Stylecoaching provokes, whilst analyzing and questioning old styling habits. Stylecoaching confirms, whilst bringing your own power in view. And it motivates you to start playing with your own changeability. From outside, turning inwards, returning outwards.

Style coaching is for men and women. Each style coaching section can be easily combined: