Efficient wardrobe management

Every morning time is running against the question mark hidden between the hangers. Sometimes nothing fits or suits you. And yet: Your wardrobe loves you! Do not make it unsure of itself by glancing gloomily into its depths – it reflects your own anyway.

When you have tried out a professional wardrobe check up, every day could start up light- hearted. A clear combination system for your team working basics, accessories and unique capricious pieces is your set up from now on. Ready to hand at any time, you can pick out a harmonious outfit- variable according to your personal shape and the occasion for your clothing.

Reflection on a mirror image

Based on the styling rules we will try it out on the spot taking a cross section of your wardrobe. It may be possible that some unloved shelf warmers finally have to say goodbye or precious pieces hiding in the back rows, almost forgotten, may see a light again and come up front. Sometimes it is only a question of connection: Filling- in a few new styles in order to integrate hardly worn outsiders with your available clothes and round up your wardrobe in this way. In this case we will make out a short shopping list targeting for filling in the gaps.

The beginning of a wonderful friendship

But you do not have to buy new clothes in order to feel renewed. Now that you have learned to use the full range of your wardrobe, it seems, as if it has grown. On top of that, accessories will coax further nuances out of your usual habits. Not only works this check by supplying your wardrobe with a new structure, but for the future it also gives you more self- confidence in combining and accentuating. And above all: New joy from your own items.

A wardrobe check up takes about two hours.