Reaching for sure selecting

They really exist, these shopping rules. Basically it works like this: Shopping must make fun! If it is a strain on the nerves, or the result of your search for an item even turns out to be a miss match back home, it is time for a change.

Classics and snap shots

During a shopping tour together, you will learn that buying clothes can turn into a successful teamwork of spontaneity and technique. Elementary combination rules help you to spot the perfect pieces and sharpen your feeling for details.

Be true to yourself with creativity

Your shopping coach prepares the test shopping and guides you on the spot. Above all, this is about inspiration; if you really end up buying something or not, is not that important. But you always should show up ready to commit yourself: Keep an unbiased look at your own self and be eager to try out unfamiliar items once or twice – pioneer minds and petty paths do not always go together.

Wearable or bearable

Aiming at implementing your wardrobe wishes in the future, is the intension of our common shopping guide, having a keen eye on your appropriate style: You invest in material joy. The changing room turns into a congenial place, - and no “blind passengers” wander in the bag anymore.

A shopping guide takes about two hours, shop choice according to stylecoach preparation and planning.