Decisive deeds

Do you fancy more? By booking a makeover, you literally put down your new sense of style to yourself. Whether a particular occasion is waiting for you or you basically need a change, this is where your “hardware” gets a refreshment, -performed with instinctive feel and professional expertise.

The stylecoaching part shows you your personal pattern, the makeover follows up from head to heels. And you may start feeling gorgeous to the last moment.

Headlong into innovation

Starting up with a stylecoach briefing, you will be taken care of by experienced make- up artists and hair stylists with plenty of time for skin and hair. Together we find out which hairstyle and/ or which make- up really is your perfect match. Of course the expertise recommendations for your “homework” come on top as well as suggestions, how to vary your new basic style concept from natural to party time. In this way, makeover turns into takeover. This is about your most beautiful self.

A makeover can be combined with any other stylecoaching module – do it the classical way and combine a styleguide with a makeover. According to your wishes and the time needed, a makeover takes half a day or a whole day. It is possible to split up the session into two days, for instance a wardrobe check up on the first day + a makeover with hair dresser and/ or make- up on the following.