“Keeping focused is important. This is what it is about: Catching hold of the characteristic heart of style from each of my clients and conveying the matter clearly. As a stylecoach you need to have a good eye and structural esthetical basic knowledge. Empathy as well as respect is just as important – stylecoaching is a matter of trust too. I encourage my clients to take a step forwards, and the first all- decisive move has been made. To show them how much styling potential they really possess and let them discover their own beautiful power: That is the very essence of stylecoaching”.

Stylesource is equivalent to Helle Kerscher. Helle was born and grew up in Copenhagen. She has lived in Berlin since 1992. Everything began with the architecture: Helle studied at the Politecnico in Milan and at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. After qualifying, she worked as an architect in Copenhagen, Berlin and Prague.

From the very beginning, she was particularly fascinated with the materiality and the reference of it to shape – in the architecture at first, then increasingly within the sophisticated scale of interior design and fashion.

Helle trained her esthetical feel as well as her sense of proportion through a variety of art forms as painting, drawing, building models and designing. She is familiar with the most different materials such as stone, metal as well as wood, cashmere, leather and lace, synthetic fibers and silk. Since 2005 she has been designing her own collection of accessories through her label “Helle Copenhagen”.

2008/ 2009 she completed her experience in advising retail fashion customers by qualifying as a stylecoach from the established and renowned Stylewise Academy in Copenhagen.